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  • Type-C Hub Solves All Expansion Problems
    Sep 25, 2017

    Why Apple to use USB Type-C interface to replace the use of years of Thunderbolt, the reason even if Apple did not explain too much at the conference, you can conclude that not a sudden rise. Throughout all the Apple product line, let the apple bow down to adapt to the very few. The fundamental reason is that Type-C can carry more output voltage and computer, to enhance the computer's charging speed, can also be used as HDMI output cable for PTP photo transmission. The next generation iPhone to cancel the Lightning interface is not surprising. As Apple's drive, the future will be more and more manufacturers to join the USB Type-C camp. Apple has canceled the USB interface and lightning interface, replaced by the Type-C interface, which makes a lot of USB devices must be extended through the port to use, so Hub products for the new Macbook is particularly important, of course, there are many other brands on the market also introduced accordingly Type-C port notebook.