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  • Mobile Phone Wireless Charging Technology Will Become The Mainstream Trend
    Sep 25, 2017

    With more and more mobile phones using wireless charging technology, that this fact in the near future will completely change the way we charge the phone - even if the Android phone users as well. Although Apple is too late in the wireless charge, but this is not important.

    For a long time, only a handful of mobile phones have this technology, including LG for the production of Google Nexus 5, as well as several Lumia mobile phones and Samsung's flagship Galaxy series. But the wireless charging technology has not become mainstream, other mobile phone users are using messy cable.

    All this will change for a simple reason.

    For a long time, Apple's iPhone has been Oppo, millet and other Chinese Android brand benchmark and trend leader.

    These brands will be dozens of mid-range mobile phone to the market around the world. Therefore, Oppo and other manufacturers of mobile phones imitate the iPhone's design and functionality, but wrapped in an Android shell, it is not surprising.

    With more and more mobile phones will be included in the wireless charging technology, we will soon see more midrange phones will do so.

    Manufacturers can not afford this trend, nor can they provide the opportunity to mass produce wireless charging boards.

    Turning to wireless charging technology will also see changes in the design of the material.

    If you are tired of seeing the monotonous metal fuselage, you will soon be tired of seeing the mid-range mobile phone supported by the glass, and if I say yes, these cell phone manufacturers will soon be using this feature.

    Wireless charging will eventually become the mainstream of mobile devices, and this is the technology to bring us convenience.