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  • From The Use Of The Existing Palm Point Touchstone (using HP Pre3), The Following Points Are Summarized
    Sep 25, 2017

    1. The base of the fuselage caused by the heat problem: the base is a magnetic force, so the phone should be sucked on the base to charge, and because the back cover curve design problems, always adjust to a specific location can To achieve a stable charge, perhaps with the author to use the HP Pre3's own design, the use of HP Veer 4G is not the problem, because the Veer 4G back cover is more smooth, and the point of stone is more fit, so less heat; Lumia 920 does not exist this problem)

    2. Point Jinshi no mobility: the author in the home / unit of this fixed position are prepared a little stone, it really will be more convenient, but if travel or go to other places, the point of stone is a cumbersome - directly with a microUSB line On the line, not to mention the shape of the stone is not easy to carry irregular shape;

    3. Compared to the cable, the wireless charging is really slow, and the operation is limited: Palm on the point of the stone will enter the display mode (Exhibition), you can display the time / photo / microblogging, etc., then can be simple Of the touch operation, but if it is completely no electricity but at this time you have to use the phone, or obediently connect microUSB line it;

    4. even with a line out of the Palm can only charge the phone is still a bit of a waste, after all, if it is microUSB, then you can charge a variety of equipment, especially like Xiao Bian such electronic products particularly many people