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  • Analysis Of Wireless Charging Principle Of Smartphone
    Sep 25, 2017

    Speaking of wireless charging technology you may think of Lumia 920/820, LG Nexus 4, a little bit of the machine will also mention Palm in 2009 released the Palm Pre series of smart phones and touchstone (TouchStone). On the domestic average consumers, the wireless charge is still relatively far and strange, and in the end what mystery and mystery?

    Equipped with a wireless charging smartphone

    CES2009, Palm released Palm Pre smart phone, with a magnetic TouchStone (point of stone) wireless charging base, Palm Pre Plus, Pre2, Pixi, Pixi Plus also acquired by HP after the introduction of Pre3 and Veer 4G smartphone As well as TouchPad Tablet PC can support point of stone for wireless charging

    September 5 this year, Nokia held a conference release Lumia 920/820, support Qi standard wireless charging base.

    The end of October this year, Google released Nexus 4, support wireless charging base, the same use of Qi standard

    US operators Verizon many custom models are equipped with wireless charging technology, such as the latest HTC Droid DNA

    Intel and Samsung announced cooperation, will be launched next year to support wireless charging mobile phones and notebook products