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  • Wireless charging want to do a good job, ultimately, waterproof networking technology
    Sep 25, 2017

    Electronic equipment and water has never been compatible, any one who understand the power of common sense of people know this. But this has never prevented humans from developing new equipment that can challenge the diametrically opposed relationship between water and electricity, both including precision watches that can withstand tens of meters of deep sea water pressure, and also need to stay normal even when exposed to extreme weather conditions Powered meteorological tools.

    This has become an increasingly prospective topic because Internet of Things innovation is expected to "eliminate the cable" in many scenarios, including the need for a wired charger to keep the portable networking device "always running". In the case of watertight networking technology, if the connection port between the equipment and the wall charger can be removed, an opening can be reduced in the design, which tends to expose the current to water when the electronic device is immersed in water. Eliminating the port helps to tighten the overall profile of any Internet of Things device, which is very helpful for designing truly completely waterproof material networking products.

    Dialog recently announced a partnership with Energous to develop a DA4100 RF transmitter IC, which greatly simplifies the implementation of the WattUp wireless power transmitter system and ultimately makes them smaller and more cost-effective. Can support near-field (within a few millimeters of the charging pad), midfield (0.6-0.9 meters) and far field (up to 4.5 meters) charging range, to ensure that all users of equipment to provide a real wireless experience, which is to achieve real Of the Internet of things indispensable.