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  • Why USB Type-C is so fire
    Sep 25, 2017

    First, it comes from the need for high-speed data transmission. The latest USB3.1 maximum data transfer speed to 10Gbit / s, with USB3.1 standard Type-C naturally support USB3.1 high-speed transmission. (USB Type-C may also be from USB2.0, USB3.0 version, now available in USB3.1 versions of some products of Type-C interface is not technology 10Gbit / s transmission)

    Use convenience. USB Type-C internal use of the same contacts up and down, users do not have to distinguish between USB positive and negative. As a new interface, the physical version of the version number, positive and negative plug-in function is Type-C different from the previous Type-A, Type-B, Micro-USB a major advantage. In addition, the durability is also strengthened, the specification is to support 10,000 plugs.

    Equipment miniaturization trend and multi-functional requirements. Mobile phones and other equipment to do a more book, the physical size of the interface also need to be smaller. The USB Type-C interface is mainly for the lighter, more slim equipment.

    Today, devices need to support more and more functions, under the premise of the miniaturization trend, people want not to increase the number of interfaces, can meet a variety of functions. The USB Type-C can support a variety of different protocols and functions. For example, Apple's new MacBook whole machine is only equipped with a USB Type-C interface to the power supply, USB data transmission, Display Port, HDMI, and VGA and other five functions-one (USB3.1 support display output)