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  • Realization of wireless power transmission by resonance principle
    Sep 25, 2017

    This system utilizes the principle of resonance (when an object is the same as the natural frequency of another object). When the vibrations of two objects are the same, the intensity of their energy is not affected by the surroundings. "If you put a lot of the same cups in the room, you will pour different degrees of wine into the bottle, and these cups will produce different amplitudes." For example, if you use a spoon, A cup will be issued a different voice. "If I enter the room and start singing with a very high voice, it will explode when my voice is the same as the frequency of one of the cups.

    According to the British Broadcasting Corporation reported June 19, 2007, this wireless power transmission is not like the current power equipment, it can avoid the destruction of the nest, reducing a lot of trouble, because it does not require wire connection