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  • Advantages and disadvantages of wireless charging technology
    Sep 25, 2017


    1, the use of wireless magnetic induction charging equipment can be stealth, equipment, low wear rate, wide range of applications, the public charge area area relative to the reduction, but the reduction of the footprint of the area will not be too large.

    2, high technical content, easy to operate, can be implemented relatively long-range radio power conversion, but the high-power wireless charging transmission distance is limited to 5 meters or less, not too far.

    3, easy to operate.


    1, although the equipment technology content is high, but the economic cost of equipment into a higher cost of maintenance.

    2, due to the realization of long-distance high-power wireless magnetic conversion, so the equipment of high energy consumption. The farther away from the wireless transmission, the greater the loss of useless work will be greater.

    3, "wireless charging technology" device itself to achieve the secondary energy conversion, that is, the network voltage step (or directly) into a DC after a higher frequency of the switch control AC conversion output. As the high-power AC and DC current conversion is the energy of the secondary radio transmission reasons, so the electromagnetic magnetic field rate is too large.

    4, because of the wireless transmission, magnetic energy consumption will be useless with the "wireless charging device" increased power and increased.

    5, wireless charging equipment, electromagnetic radiation will cause a lot of unfavorable factors on the biological.